Lynsey Luu


Designing quirky jewellery & playful gifts for truly awesome people.

Company Overview

Lynsey Luu is a design-based company producing products such as quirky jewellery & playful gifts for truly awesome people.

How did the Enterprise Action project assist your business?

With the help of Enterprise Action and the offer of match funded grants, I was able to purchase some equipment to help me make more of my products in-house & in bulk rather than always outsourcing. I can now provide a service for other companies who wish to have their own branded stationery.

What advice would you give to any potential business start-up about joining the Enterprise Action project?

I used the match funded grant  to help towards purchasing new equipment as that was the most beneficial investment to my business at the time. Do your research and think about what could help your business not just now but also in the future.

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