Informed Fine Art


My ambition is to nurture artistic passion and inform artistic minds through life drawing tutoring, themed art-science workshops and my own original, insightful fine art which inter-weaves narratives using film, drawing and sound.

Company overview.

This informed combination of arts, science and education is aimed to stimulate and develop students’ artistic practice and skills by placing art in a wider context of art history. My potential students will ultimately develop a deeper understanding of techniques, artistic language, styles and approaches. I also aim to market my own original, fine art works created and approached through scientific curiosity, observation and narrative.

How we helped.

The Enterprise helped me to appreciate how my workshops needed to be significantly different to others on offer and this helped me design workshops with a unique difference. I found tips and advice given from experts who came to speak to us to be invaluable; furthermore, I found the one to one mentoring sessions exceptionally helpful. I also made use of matched funding to buy resources.

I planned for exciting, informative, themed art workshops and courses that were worthwhile, informative in content that helped students see their progress. Some workshops were art-science related and some incorporated art history and explored how the old masters went about their life drawing.

What advice would you give?

I would advise for potential start-ups to enter with an open mind. Listen to advice and communicate clearly your visions and ideas. In this way you can be propelled in the right direction for you and develop at your own pace.

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