513 Candles


Creating homemade, unique and novelty, highly scented candles and melts that are completely customisable to ensure each product is tailored to each individual needs.

Company overview.

Working with charities such as Age UK and Lupus UK providing workshops and raising money whilst also creating unique gifts for individuals and companies alike.

The one of a kind candles and melts are sustainable and economic, ensuring that all aspects of the product can be recycled but are also natural enough to burn around those with allergies, small children or pets.

By thinking out of the box, 513 are able to provide you with a gift that will surely be a memorable one!

How we helped.

Enterprise Action aided in helping to recognise the dream and to create the business with the help of mentoring and an office space to gather paperwork and concentrate on the building the business. As the business is self-funded, the grants enabled money to be spent in the areas that needed the extra financial boost.

What advice would you give?

The advice would be to participate in all the workshops that are provided, to speak with everyone about their business, your business and everything inbetween. Networking is the key! The Enterprise Action team will put you in front of people that have experienced things that you may not of recognised and the skills and experiences you can learn from others is invaluable.

Take in everything, apply for everything and be ready for hard work! It’ll all be worth it in the end.

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